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Bunol Bp 30 Edm

  Machine Cleaning Liquid 10 liter / Container

BP30 EDM machine cleaner
Extra powerful acidic cleaner agent

BP30 removes roasting residue on wire and sink-erosion machines. Dosing depends on the respective degree of contamination so that it may be necessary to work without water-dilution or with a 1:1 to 1:2 dilution.

BP30 must not be allowed to enter the water circulation system. Drain cleaning residue from the cutting area either separately via a bypass or wipe out of the cutting area completely. Otherwise a considerable increase in water conductance will occur combined with reduced machine output which can only be overcome by deionisation (demineralisition by the mixed-resin cartridge) of the circulating water, thus resulting in a loss of time.

BP30 produces excellent cleaning results on acid-proof tiles. It is also suitable for facade and high-pressure cleaning work.

BP30 will also remove water and lime furring as well as urine incrustation without undue effort in addition to rust, grease and perspiration residue. Simply add 1 - 2 cups to one (10 lt.) pail of water.

BP30 though acidic, nevertheless produces a good anticorrosive effect. If in doubt, try it out before using it owing to the many different possibilities of application.

BP30 is bio degradable.