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Bunol Bp 10

  Anti-Corrosion Fluid 5 liter / container

Inhibitor BP10
Surface protection

BP10 stands out due to its very low bonding tendency combined with an excellent filtering action, both as applied to mechanical filters (precoated filters and cartridge filters acting as grit filters) and chemical filters (ion-exchange cartridges with deionisation resin). Owing to the absence of a grit bond there is no reason why BP10 cannot be used on automatic wire threading systems.

BP10 protects the surfaces of the workpieces due to be machined including the cutting edges from severe corrosion and pitting. This essentially reduces the need for subsequent treatment, especially in the cutting areas.

BP10 is biodegradable.

Application and dosing: Depending on the quality of the steel and machining duration, 1 - 2% of BP10 is added based on the volume of circulating water. To improve circulation, prior to adding BP10 it is recommended that you dilute the product with 10 parts of deionised water and afterwards pour it gradually into the cutting area or water bath while the machine is running.

Measurement: To determine the exact content of BP10 in water, the value read off on the refractometer needs to be doubled.